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How do I protect my trademark?

If you have a trademark (a word, phrase, letters, image, sound or a combination of the above) with which you identify and distinguish merchandise you manufacture or market,
Or services you can can register it as a trademark. Trademark protection is provided by the Registrar of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks in accordance with the Trademarks Ordinance (New Version) – 1972.
Do I need to register my logo as well? Yes. If you have text and a logo, it's best to register both of them together for greater protection.

For how long is a trademark valid?

There is no limit to the lifespan of a trademark, as long as you keep the trademark valid by paying renewal fees every few years (the time frame and fees vary from country to country).
Can I register the same trademark for different goods and services?
If you wish to protect your trademark in relation to goods or services that are categorized in different classifications (see the classification of goods and services below), it is possible to do so in a single request (fees change accordingly).
Is it possible to register any trademark?
No. Patent offices have rules and regulations. One of the most common reasons for trademark applications being refused is because the trademark is similar in name and/or in its application to goods or services to a trademark already registered or previously filed by another person. This could potentially cause public confusion, in associating both trademarks with a single entity. Therefore it is necessary to perform a comprehensive research before submitting an application. By filing a trademark application in Israel, will my trademark be protected globally?
No. You must protect your trademark on a country-by-country basis. However, on September 1, 2010, Israel adopted the Madrid Protocol for filing international trademark applications, making it possible to submit one international application through the Israel Patent Office, provided there is already a trademark application or registration in Israel, and ask to register the trademark in all member states of the Madrid Protocol. Is the application sufficient to ensure my exclusive rights? No. As long as your trademark is not yet registered anyone can file for a similar or identical trademark. In such a case, it is up to the Registrar to decide who has rights to the trademark, taking into account evidence submitted by both parties, or in accordance with an agreement reached between the two parties (see the instructions of section 29 of the Trademark Ordinance).
Note that the application date is only one of many parameters (and not the most essential one), according to which the Registrar will decide who has rights to the trademark.

Can I use my trademark before it has been registered?
Yes. Registering a trademark gives the owner exclusive rights, though you are entitled to use it even without it being registered. However, until the trademark is registered, you cannot rely on the rights issued by the Trademarks Ordinance to the owner of a registered trademark.


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